Next to our biennial Engagement Survey, we started a Diversity program to monitor, improve and achieve maximum engagement.

Engaged employees and greater company performance go hand in hand.

Diversity is not just a poster with smiling people standing close to each other looking friendly. It is about employees, the work environment and how to reach accomplishments.

Aspects of diversity are age, background, color, gender, nationality, race, religion and sexual orientation.

As Quistor counts 20 nationalities, we are a diverse community. Other backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultural differences are involved.

From this point of view, we need to be aware that diversity is more than tolerating differences. It is respecting, appreciating and understanding the varying characteristics of individuals.

Quistor has 4 generations working together: Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. All having differences in communication skills, motivators and dealing with authority.

Diversity is how to capitalize on these strengths: creativity and problem-solving will increase when different minds come together. When attracting and retaining talent, employees feel included and appreciated which increases loyalty. When using a different kind of skill sets, productivity will increase. The whole team will profit from new attitudes and processes help to build synergy and enhancement of communication skills.

By interviewing several Quistorians across all offices (task force team), we are able to improve processes on recruitment, onboarding, development, promotion, safety, create an open culture of trust, communication, kind of leadership, working together.

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