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Database upgrade to version 19c and migration to new environment with GoldenGate

Where we began:

Clínica Universidad de Navarra had a critical hospital care system. They needed to renew the hardware, update the Oracle database version to that of a more current version, in this case, version 19c, and redesign the Disaster Recovery and Statistics (DWH) architectures.

The solution:

Replication environment for migration to the new environment with GoldenGate, guaranteeing minimum downtime.

The availability of data and systems is crucial for all types of institutions, but even more so when it comes to the world of healthcare.

During the implementation of the project, multiple tests were carried out with snapshot recovery points.

In addition, because the database downtime implies the shutdown of certain activities in the hospital, it was crucial to guarantee a minimum downtime, which in this case was less than half an hour.

Characteristics of Database 19c

Oracle Databases offer market-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and security both on-premise and in the cloud. Oracle Database 19c is the current long-term release, providing the highest level of release stability and the longest timeframe for support and bug fixes.

The customer

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra was founded in Pamplona in 1962.

After 55 years, and following the formula of a single hospital on two sites, since November 2017 it has a second campus in Madrid that replicates the same model as the one in Pamplona. A teaching and research hospital, with full-time professionals, organized into multidisciplinary teams with the patient at the centre of their activity.

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