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​Enabling Digital Transformation through OCRE

Education and research institutions are entering a new era of unpredictable change. It’s more important than ever to stay connected, deliver value, and be agile. To keep up with this change, organisations need to rethink their digital strategy. Quistor is your trusted partner to embark with you on this new journey.

OCRE Quistor

Our offering

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Companies of all sizes rely on Oracle Cloud to run enterprise and cloud-native applications with mission-critical performance and core-to-edge security. By running both traditional and new workloads on a comprehensive cloud that includes compute, storage, networking, database, and containers, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can dramatically increase operational efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership.

See below an overview of the Oracle Cloud services that fall under the OCRE framework . Additionally, we offer tailored solutions for each customer.

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“We are beyond proud to be awarded the framework agreements by GÉANT. We always believe that our personal approach in business is one of our strengths, understanding the unique situation and requirements of each customer and project. Our consulting DNA will benefit the R&E community, we’ll guide them throughout the whole process on a granular level.”

Javier Prego, Quistor's COO


Digital Transformation Benefits For Your Institution

OCRE cloud digital transformation

Revolutionise education

OCRE cloud digital transformation

Enable research

OCRE cloud digital transformation

Empower insights

OCRE cloud digital transformation

Deliver experience

OCRE cloud digital transformation

Enhance performance

OCRE GÉANT benefits

Reduce costs

Why Quistor?

Your Cloud Partner of Choice

Quistor’s experience in cloud consulting, project management and managed services in partnership with Oracle cloud solutions for the education and research sectors, sets us apart from other cloud service providers.

Offering technical expertise and in-depth knowledge, we’ll work with R&E organisations towards their digital transformation following a unique roadmap.

Our innovative approach led Quistor to win several awards:

🏆 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Partner of the Year Award (FY20)
🏆 Oracle Build a Cloud Culture Partner of the Year Award (FY21)
🏆 Oracle Cloud Platform Partner of the Year Award (FY21)

Digital transformation

Customer references

About Quistor

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Quistor moved our PeopleSoft on-premise environment to the Oracle Cloud in record time, achieving increased performance and significant financial savings. Quistor was the primary partner for this migration, ensuring a smooth execution of the project, delivering on time and on budget.”

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Floris Krabbe, Teamlead of the BI-team of the UG: “We wanted to go to the cloud for management reasons, but also for privacy reasons and better security. The main goal was to implement the latest version of the Oracle software. We were quite behind in that area and that meant security risks were intertwined. Cloud migration to Oracle Analytics Cloud ensures that software upgrades are automated from Oracle. Also, in case of technical issues, you no longer need to have that knowledge in-house and can fall back on Oracle and Quistor.”

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“Quistor filled us with confidence by ensuring we had the right level of technical support throughout the process.”

About Oracle Cloud Services

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“Our ambition is to create a platform to react quickly to disease, which involves the creation of terabytes of imaging data. Using Oracle Cloud, we can distribute the data across multiple processors and get results in a fraction of the time of a traditional on-premise system.”

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“As we upgrade the Large Hadron Collider, we are investigating Oracle Cloud solutions as one possible way to help us handle the growing volumes of data and have used Oracle Big Data to develop our plans for a new, even larger particle accelerator.”

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Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service met our cloud-first policy, solved our browser compatibility issues, and enabled controllers to enter data faster through increased performance. Oracle Cloud significantly reduces our total cost of ownership and enables us to forecast and control human capital costs.”


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University of Oxford

the OCRE project


To accelerate digital transformation, the Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE) project was initiated by GÉANT, the leading collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for research and education. This resulted in ready-to-use framework agreements which make it easy for institutions to access commercial cloud services and for cloud operators to deliver their services without complex public procurements and competitive tenders.

As of 2021, Quistor is an official OCRE framework holder and exclusive reseller of Oracle Cloud services in five European countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Over the next four years Quistor will support the R&E community by offering consultation, migration, implementation, training, and managed services.

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Oracle Quistor Partner

Cloud services framework

Benefits for the Research & Education community

Cloud-based services offer companies a wide range of powerful tools, but it is often time-consuming and complex to move this process forward. OCRE brings cloud providers, Earth Observation (EO) organisations, and the R&E community together through ready-to-use service agreements. These agreements make it easier for institutions to access commercial cloud services, eliminating the need to run complex public procurements and competitive tenders.
OCRE GÉANT benefits

Easy and fast cloud procurement

OCRE GÉANT benefits

Predictable pricing and conditions

OCRE GÉANT benefits

Transparent and easy process

How It Works

Accessing Quistor’s services through the OCRE framework


Quistor, as a framework holder selected by GÉANT, is an integral part of the OCRE Cloud Catalogue.


Education and Research institutions can procure Quistor’s services under the OCRE framework by contacting us directly or through the NREN organisation in the selected country.


For questions or a free consultation with one of our experts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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