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Oracle announces the opening of a third cloud region in Madrid to drive AI and Cloud Computing

Oracle will invest more than $1 Billion to meet the growing demand for AI and Cloud services in Spain with a new public cloud region. The plan aims to help the country’s key industries, such as the financial sector, and Telefónica España will be the host partner for this region.

Madrid will have a new Oracle Cloud region to enable organizations to benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) features, such as increased resilience, high performance, or AI. Oracle plans to invest $1B over the next 10 years, as Spanish enterprises and public sector organizations are increasingly adopting cloud technologies to boost their business performance. This plan includes organizations of all sizes and industries.

This new region will be the third one opened by Oracle in Spain after the first public region in 2022 and the second, the EU Sovereign Cloud, in 2023. This last one is for data and applications that are critical, regulated, or of strategic regional importance, and the new public cloud region will also facilitate regulatory compliance. Laws like the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and the European Outsourcing Guidelines (EBA, EIOPA, ESMA) for sensitive sectors like the financial one, will be more easily addressed now.

How will this impact customers?

Once the upcoming region is opened, the main advantage for organizations is that they will be able to gain additional low-latency access to cloud services and derive better value from their data. In addition, they will leverage high availability and disaster recovery capabilities to enhance business continuity and comply not only with Spain’s and EU’s regulations for data residency but also with the industry-specific requirements.

Oracle Cloud Regions offer backup and disaster recovery solutions to help address the need for data availability and resilience, plus OCI’s unique cloud architecture enables the deployment of dedicated cloud regions with hyperscale cloud services inside organizations’ data centers and more public cloud regions faster by starting with an optimal footprint and scaling as needed.

But here’s the real game-changer: OCI’s sovereign AI capabilities. They grant organizations the power to choose where their data and computing infrastructure reside. It’s like having a compass for AI sovereignty, ensuring alignment with data governance frameworks.

The digital transformation is unstoppable, and organizations around the world now need to adapt in order to remain competitive. Adopting a cloud strategy is key in this path and the third cloud region in Spain will facilitate their transformation, through the migration of their workloads to the cloud, the modernization of their applications, and innovation with AI, data, and analytics.

How can Quistor help?

As Oracle Cloud specialists, in Quistor we can help organizations of all sizes with their Cloud strategies to benefit from the multiple advantages it offers for their business performance. This new region in Spain will be a major benefit for them, allowing Quistor to carry out Disaster Recovery projects while maintaining the low latencies already existing in Madrid.

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