The Internet of Things is one of the major industry trends at the moment. The Internet of Things also has great potential for Oracle JD Edwards customers.

Connecting all kinds of sensors to Oracle JD Edwards will give insight into locations and status of various assets.  Furthermore, connecting meter readings or other measurements to Oracle JD Edwards will reduce manual operations, generate data quicker and improve accuracy.

Currently, there are a number of IOT platforms on the market with API-based standard connections. Also, Oracle JD Edwards can connect IOT sensors through its AIS integration server. With the IOT Orchestrator, the action on the data can be defined.

This is a great solution to start with, but when we were further exploring the market of IOT and how you want this to connect with Oracle JD Edwards, we came across some challenges:

  • Do you want all sensor data in your Oracle JD Edwards tables?
  • Do you want device black or white listing done when data is already in the system?
  • Do you want an IOT solution but still not on Oracle JD Edwards 9.x?
  • Do you want to connect devices over a variety of communication networks?

The Quistor IOT Cloud solves these challenges. Quistor IOT Cloud is an IOT platform with seamless integration through APIs with Oracle JD Edwards as back-end system. Other back-end systems are supported based on API integration. Besides back-end integration, also the communication methods for the network connectivity are API-based. So the platform can connect devices through Wi-Fi, LoRa, Narrowband or other networks.

All sensor data is stored on the platform. Based on flow results, only defined data is moved in the back-end system by specific events. Unimportant measurements will not pollute your Oracle JD Edwards tables.


During the coming Oracle JD Edwards events, the Quistor IOT Cloud will be demonstrated. If you are interested to learn more, just contact us.