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Quistor Connected, JD Edwards on the go.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can access customer information, approve purchase orders or view your watchlists on the go?

Get access to item availability just by scanning the item in the warehouse with your mobile phone?

Or check the Server Manager status when waiting for the train?

Now it is possible with Quistor Connected

Based on experiences and customer feedback we decided to develop a complete mobile offering for Oracle JD Edwards. Modern mobile applications styled according to the latest design styles and capable of using integrated features of your phone such as camera, location, viewing attachments or sharing information through the integrated sharing options of your phone.

Currently we have applications on Purchase Approvals, Watchlists, Adressbook search, Inventory Availability and Server Manager. More applications such as Payment Approvals and Expense Management will follow. Have a requirement for specific customized application? That can be created too.

With the Quistor Connected platform it is not only possible to develop and deploy mobile applications, the platform can also be used for development of WebPortals or custom solutions to make Oracle JD Edwards easier to use. Think about use cases in combining data of various systems in one portal to have an integrated process or easier data entry.


The mobile applications can run on IOS or Android. Integration with Oracle JD Edwards is completely ready based on the Application Integration Services (AIS). For customers not on AIS we can support the integration with Rinami Cantara out of the box too.

The Quistor Connected platform is running in the cloud and is driven by the low code solution of Mendix.

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