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What will 2021 bring us . Part 2

In the previous blog we had a look back to 2020 and we discussed remote working as one of the trends in 2021. In this blog we will discuss Hybrid Cloud and Cyber security. 

  • Hybrid Cloud  
  • Cyber security  


Hybrid Cloud 

We can no longer ignore the significance of the cloud,  keeping infrastructure as solely on premise, diminishes flexibility and success rates.  Last year we saw more and more customers begin planning strategically for their cloud journey. We had numerous discussions on the best strategy, different cloud providers, and different cloud offerings. We assisted a number of customers in creating roadmaps to plot how their environment would be constructed in the public cloud.   

In 2021 we expect  to see further growth in the number of customers moving to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). We are seeing a growing interest, particularly within the Oracle JD Edwards community, in moving to OCI due to the many advantages it offers. As well as moving their Infrastructure to the Cloud (IaaS) we also see Oracle JD Edwards customers using the cloud more and more for Platform services (DbaaS, Mobile, Development) and Software as a Service (SaaS) to complement JD Edwards with best practice SaaS services.  

With the JD Edwards Orchestrator and API integration, connecting external platforms is a breeze. Citizen developers can easily model the integration flow required, alleviating the need for months of plumbing.  Creation has been facilitated via API integration, a much more simplistic approach than the previous BSSV and batch integrations.  

In addition to moving to the cloud, we see more and more customers combining multiple cloud services from different providers into a Hybrid Cloud Architecture. We expect this trend to continue and grow throughout 2021.   

Combining various SaaS, Paas, and IaaS services from several vendors in one application landscape will be the future in combining best in class solutions. We foresee customers combining Oracle IaaS to serve Oracle JD Edwards  withPaas Services for the Oracle database or Exadata Cloud services. They will be able to store documents in Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, combined with integration to an Azure Data lake and Microsoft Power BI. It will further extend the services with a CRM from Salesforce, Low Code solution from Mendix , and integrate with an Integration platform such as Oracle Integration Cloud.   

This is just an example of course; a variety of solutions can be implemented into your design. In the example above we didn’t include the number of cloud combined services such as Security, Supply Chain Planning, etc.   

Are you ready to start your cloud journey in 2021? Contact us for a broad view on your future cloud architecture!  

Cyber Security 

Throughout the ongoing pandemic, we have seen a growth in the number and impact of Cyber Incidents. Remote workers and students no longer protected by corporate and institutional security acted as low hanging fruit for Cybercriminals. This risk extended beyond simply IT security but also to physical security for the homes.  

We saw companies increasing activities to further secure their remote working environments by forcing VPN connection, multi-factor authentications, automated and forced updates, etc. Next to those software and hardware improvements, a lot of time was invested in creating more awareness to the end-users to conquer threats from the inside out  

In 2021 we expect companies to implement further security solutions and optimize processes to stay current on security patches. We also expect customers to start moving servers to the public cloud so security measurements are being outsourced to the cloud and managed services provider based on clearly defined SLA targets. In response to this, Cloud and managed service providers will need to optimize their offerings on security. Our private cloud partner Openline recently announced switching to a new security platform (Threat Detection & Response system) to further improve security services.   

Gartner advises customers to look into Cyber Security Mesh so that their security can keep pace with digital transformation. Cyber Security Mesh covers controls needed in the complete stack: Policy Orchestration and Governance, Policy Enforcement, and Foundational Security Services. Only end-to-end security measurements can lay the foundation for proper protection.   

Interesting in the other trends watch out for the coming parts of the blog. 

Jack van de Brink

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