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JD Edwards reporting: what's the hypothesis for the future?

Data is the key to the success of any business

One of the main trends that stands out is the growing awareness that data is and will be the key to the success of any business, large or small, in the next decade. This sounds almost too obvious to say. After all, we must remember that the terms often used to discuss and define the importance of data have only increased their value, frequency of use and recognizability.

More importantly, most organizations today use a range of best-of-breed solutions in their supply chains which, unfortunately, do not integrate as perfectly as we would like. In many cases, your own analyzes are performed using a variety of tools (e.g. ERP tools, transportation and warehouse management systems) and different data sources, including those of downstream suppliers and resellers. Despite everything, the reporting tools for JD Edwards users were unable to create reports and assemble the information they needed with a unique, modern tool that could simplify their work.

JD Edwards reporting: the need for a consolidated view of data

The answer comes from ReportsNow solutions. With its advanced reporting features, JD Edwards is able to offer the business user numerous solutions and the ability to completely customize the desired reports. With our latest release of Data Access Studio, or DAS, users can now easily and freely create and edit any kind of data. The tool is very interactive; you can easily click and deepen every detail. Thanks to the integration with mobie® for integration with mobile devices, it is now possible to connect to the cloud, making reports available on any device. This solves huge data problems, creating a very light data warehouse that you don’t need to manage. Users can also easily create their own dashboards – they can open and select any perspective they want.

What are the main benefits that companies derive from integrating ReportsNow with JD Edwards?

ReportsNow really extends what JDE can do. Dashboards that users can create with ReportsNow can now integrate with any HTML application on JD Edwards. With our mobile tool, mobie®, you can integrate a dashboard on any Café One page. This is particularly interesting for graphical information, such as customer maps.

ReportsNow offers users the ability to assemble the information they want and allows them to organize reports in an automated way, less error-prone and less tedious than any other method. ReportsNow also allows users to schedule and download reports from tasks within E1. Many users do not return to JDE when they have ReportsNow for reporting, freeing the system for other users.

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