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Quistor Orchestrator Classroom Training

Is there still a need to introduce the Orchestrator for JDEdwards?

Orchestrator is known and accepted as a key component of your JD Edwards digital platform. It can transform the EnterpriseOne system from a transaction-based system of records into a system that provides a dynamic reflection of your real-time business operations.

The Orchestrator Studio enables a business analyst—someone who keenly understands both the field operations and the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications— to create, test, and deploy orchestrations. Analysts can even capture the key processes just by recording the steps. The Orchestrator also integrates with external systems and Cloud services, allowing your EnterpriseOne system to send and receive data for integrated business processes.

But in order to unlock the potential that the Orchestrator offers, your business analysts need to acquire the capability to use it, to identify and build the scenario’s that are relevant to your business case and company.

How to acquire the necessary skills and expertise?


How to acquire the necessary skills and expertise

What are the alternatives?

In most cases, people will first undertake a discovery or self-study. While this can be a good introduction, the lack of guidance and structure in the approach will rarely lead to an optimal and effective use of the Orchestrator. Who can you rely on the solve problems as they arise?

In this instance, you might turn to an experienced user, hiring a consultant with relevant expertise for coaching. This way you will get guidance on specific problems you encounter but a structured and repeatable approach is very dependent on the interaction with the individual. Once the consultant has left, you have to fall back on the Oracle Reference Guides for help.

Setting up a dedicated training environment is essential for either approach. However, making mistakes in your own environments can be costly to repair.

Quistor Orchestrator Classroom Training

Quistor is pleased to offer live, virtual delivery of its proprietary Orchestrator Training program, organised across five half day sessions, delivered in a single week.

Our training is a balanced blend of lecture, demo, and hands-on workshops.  With each topic the instructor will provide background of a business case and how the orchestrator can be used to solve it.  The instructor will then demonstrate how to build the solution in the Orchestrator Studio without any coding or development.  Most importantly, the students will build their own solution for each lab giving them the hands-on experience to be successful with the Orchestrator long after the training is complete.

At the workshops, your business analysts will obtain hands on experience enabling them to design, build, and test orchestrations using the standard JDE functionality you already own. By leveraging the EnterpriseOne Orchestrator, business analysts will learn how to create complex data integrations and automate manual business processes, allowing them to relieve the burden placed on traditional IT developers.

Each attendee will have their own dedicated virtual machine which is available throughout the duration of the session.

Your team will become all-star developers and learn how to create orchestrations in hours instead of the weeks or months required to build comparable customizations using traditional methods.

What do Customers Say?

“I expected a lot out of EnterpriseOne Orchestrator. I hoped that the education we were paying for would be worth it—and it was.  My team is off and running. We have a lot of ideas we can quickly put into place without any assistance. The Orchestrator workshop was the best money we have ever spent on training. The uses of Orchestrator are endless.”

“I would recommend the training to a colleague and another company. It delivered an excellent overview of the orchestrator and its functionality. A great training course from an experienced trainer.”

“Very useful course which opened my eyes to different ways of working and will hopefully allow us to avoid some customizations in our 9.2 system.  I would definitely recommend to all ERP analysts and those working on solutions for their business’ requirements.”

Quistor partners with ACBM Solutions

To deliver this training, Quistor partners with ACBM Solutions. ACBM Solutions is an Oracle Partner and one of only two companies that has an Oracle Validated Integration with the Orchestrator.  ACBM Solutions has worked with the Orchestrator since the very first version. They have successfully trained hundreds of people from over 40 companies on the Orchestrator and we look forward to the opportunity to add your company name to that list.

Do you have any questions or doubts? Please let us know.


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