Quistor member since 2014

I still remember the preparations for the interview regarding the position of Service Desk analyst in 2014. Reading the job requirements, I was convinced to go for this opportunity although my daughter was only 4 months old. As a good level of English is from utmost importance, I reviewed on internet many videos of interviews in English to be well prepared. From that moment my Quistor journey started, by continuously showing drive and working hard.

I like working at Quistor because I see the proper attention is given to continuous improvement, either in career development or maintaining a good work/life balance. This philosophy is a benefit for either Quistor as myself related to my professional career.

I tend to plan tasks well in advance but if priorities appear we need to act in a professional, organized and communicative way of working.

We cannot perform on individual base only, working as a team makes our job unique. When it comes to business leadership, we can reframe Einstein’s famous formula E=mc² as: Energy = magnetism (multiplied by) collective confidence. “Team’s level of energy and enthusiasm stems directly from both your magnetism -“the power and ability to attract or influence others” – and the collective confidence you and your team project.”

To build a higher level of profitability and future success, we need to keep on working and improving as 1 team.