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JD Edwards Managed Services

Managing Services Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere…

Managed Services for JD Edwards, the technical heart of Quistor

Keeping your system running and performing is critical to your business. For some companies, seconds count within their business processes. Maintaining your competitive edge is critical. In the complex world of high-tech IT, how to keep your ERP systems running and how to eliminate disturbances and downtime in the systems which support your business isn’t always obvious.

The Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One ERP system is a market leading robust ERP system developed from many years of experience with various complex platforms, using many different components from physical hardware, virtual platforms, data links, networking, operating systems, middleware, databases, and client software, before it gets presented to the users.

A wide range of skills and detailed knowledge is required in order to understand the system and to be able to install and maintain these systems.

At Quistor these skills and all the knowledge are the cornerstones of our company. The MST (Managed Services Technical) services are the heart of Quistor’s technical side, being able to understand all aspects of the JDE landscape.

Varying from Database expertise, Technical JD Edwards expertise (CNC), Projects, Core Technologies, and Service desk, the MST teams operate in this high-tech area on a 24×7 basis, covering the majority of the world, primarily remotely and often also on-site.

Our Managed Services Technical is formed by 3 departments – Service desk, Database Technology Solutions, and Core Technology Solutions. All departments have their own focus, but there is an open structure, allowing for a platform for combining the skills between the departments. This creates a consistent pool of resources, to assist our customers in all areas on a daily base.

Quistor MST’s prime challenges are:

  • to continuously deliver quality and on-time services, mostly driven by SLA’s for dozens of customers on a daily basis;
  • to continuously increase knowledge and skills for all MST employees in all of the covered areas;
  • to increase the number of certifications for the MST employees;
  • to grow significantly and participate in Quistor’s success.

Our Goal: Zero Downtime for Our Customers by delivering quality on-time services to dozens of customers on a daily base.

So what do we do at MST? We have compiled a non-comprehensive list of the major activities being performed within the MST service line below:

  • Assured Service desk;
  • Technical Application Management and Support (DBA / CNC / Middleware / OS);
  • Daily Health Check & Monitoring;
  • System Performance Tuning;
  • Reporting and Analysis;
  • Cloud Management;
  • Resolve Issues / Execute Changes / Problem Management;
  • Install/upgrade/patch JD Edwards (all versions / tools releases);
  • Backup and Restore of databases;
  • Install/upgrade/patch databases;
  • Manage User Security (on all levels);
  • Platform / Data Centre / DB Implementations / Migrations;
  • Data copies;
  • Set up and test High Availability;
  • Archiving / purging;
  • Execute SQL requests;
  • Architecture design;
  • Java / .NET custom development;
  • Partner products based activities / projects.

Based in the various delivery centres in Europe, like the Czech Republic, Spain, and the Netherlands, our staff work closely together, 24×7 and in accordance with the agreements entered into with and/or for the various customers worldwide. One of the strengths of Quistor’s corporate culture is that most of the staff in the various countries know each other personally, therefore creating a family atmosphere amongst professionals. This really boosts the workplace climate in a positive way.

What really distinguishes Quistor from its competitors is that we do our 24×7 physically on-site in our offices, enabling us to work in a preventive instead of a reactive mode when a monitoring system or customer notifies a stand-by employee. At Quistor we are also notified of events that may lead to a potential issue and our in-house staff can and will take a closer look before the event may become a P1 incident for the customer. In case events occur which will instantly lead to major incidents, our staff is already logged in to the customers’ systems to assist and/or resolve the issue. So we do not wait until we get paged, then go home from wherever we might be, find and start our laptop, look for the credentials and log in to the client’s VPN and only then address the issue.

We are actively monitoring and working in the offices with connections to all our customers, enabling Quistor’s employees to kick in at any given moment. In addition, it is also quite an impressive sight to see all the monitors manned by the Quistor staff in various countries every day. If you are interested in what we do and how we do this, please let us know and you are welcome to visit us when we can show you around one of the offices where our support operations take place.

We successfully implemented, and have been awarded, the prestigious ISAE 3000D Type II Accreditation in 2016, imperative for sustaining and improving Quistor’s quality and providing the right platform for expanding.

ISAE 3000D was developed by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, but it is also supported by the IAASB (International Auditing And Assurance Standards Board) and IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). It supersedes SAS 70 and puts more emphasis on procedures for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of controls.

Besides the independent ISAE 3000D accreditation we are also proud to be one of only a few Oracle JD Edwards partners that are Oracle Managed Services Providers. Oracle uses strict criteria to become MSP. This achievement shows Quistor is a strong partner in Oracle JD Edwards, Managed Services, and Oracle (Cloud) technology.

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