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Servicepunt71 Database Migration to Quistor ExaHotel

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In December 2019, Quistor, together with Open Line, transferred the entire IT infrastructure of Servicepunt71 and partner organizations from the Servicepunt71 data center in Leiden to the Open Line data center in Limburg. During the migration, more than 635 servers and almost 500 applications were moved across a period of a few weeks after 2.5 years of preparation. Part of this project was also the migration of 170 Oracle databases to the Quistor ExaHotel platform.


About Servicepunt71

Servicepunt71 is a professional shared service organization for municipalities and government organizations in the Leiden region (the Netherlands). They are an Information Provision, HRM, Facilities, Legal, Finance, and Procurement partner. Their mission is to help their partner organizations provide the best possible services to citizens and businesses.

The project: Database Migration to Quistor ExaHotel


In 2019, Servicepunt71 decided to outsource its entire IT infrastructure and its management. The complexity and the current 24/7 economy made it an increasing challenge to keep the required knowledge within the organization at an adequate level. The decision became even easier as these services are becoming increasingly more available in the market.

This decision led to the organization of a European tender to find a partner to migrate the entire infrastructure of Servicepunt71 to an external data center. Part of this project was the migration of 170 Oracle databases. In terms of price and quality, Open Line and Quistor emerged as the best partners for Servicepunt71 to migrate these databases, by offering them a room in the Quistor ExaHotel.

Why Quistor ExaHotel?
The Quistor ExaHotel runs on the Oracle Exadata platform. Exadata is a specially designed engineered system for running Oracle Databases, in which large volumes of data are processed quickly and efficiently. Quistor and Open Line make the high-quality Exadata database platform available to the average Oracle database customer through the Quistor ExaHotel. With Quistor ExaHotel, organizations can benefit from a specialized, scalable Oracle database platform based on a smaller entry of 2 cores, memory and storage, to meet their specific needs. A room in the ExaHotel is fully equipped, so companies are completely relieved from all pressures and responsibilities due to Quistor’s 24/7 support.

Database Migration
The migration of 170 Oracle databases of Servicepunt71, which was part of the tender, consisted of two phases:

  1. End of 2019: migration to Oracle Exadata X6. This project took a total of three months
  2. Spring 2020: migration from Oracle Exadata X6 to the latest Oracle Exadata X8M. The migration took a total of 2 months

Both migrations consisted of a test phase and eventual migration. The entire project ran smoothly and was completed within a very short period of time.

Quistor ExaHotel

The Quistor ExaHotel offers Servicepunt71 powerful performance and great stability. Moreover, the platform is 100% scalable to the customer’s needs and relies on high-end security. Additionally, Quistor and Open Line provide 24/7 managed services for all databases, weblogic and VM servers, which means that the customer is completely unburdened and can focus on the core business processes.

Partnerships and future projects
The partnership between Servicepunt71, Quistor and Open Line is set to continue well into the future. In 2020, Oracle released the newest Oracle Database 19c together with a new database support schedule. Since premier support for all older database versions ended in March 2021, it is recommended that organizations upgrade to the newest 19c database. Servicepunt71 is currently running on release, which is under limited error correction support. Therefore, they decided to upgrade to the new 19c on ExaHotel with almost 160 databases and multiple applications. Quistor and Open Line will be carrying out this project over the upcoming months.


The solution: ExaHotel DBaas

Quistor ExaHotel

About OpenLine

Open Line is an IT company with five different offices throughout the Netherlands. Their 250+ IT specialists provide Managed Services and Consultancy to their customers. Within Managed Services, they manage and operate their customers’ IT environment. Within the Consultancy section, they analyse the right hardware and software solutions together with the customer. Thanks to these services, Open Line has grown drastically, and their focus lies on ‘As-a-Service’. The organization is continuously looking for new ways to work more efficiently and to increase productivity. To remain successful, they work on improving their business model and business processes. This is necessary to maintain the market leader and, where possible, expand even further. Strategic collaboration with suppliers and customers is Open Line’s key to innovation.

About Quistor

“Enabling our clients to grow their businesses by taking care of their IT-related matters.”

Quistor provides IT consulting services to over 250 global customers and is specialized in providing 24×7 Managed Services on Oracle Technology, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Cloud, Database management Solutions, Oracle Analytics and Netsuite.

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