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Miller Homes Customer Case

Managed Services and Upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2

Nearly six years ago, Miller Homes started working with Quistor on its upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2. The initial connection was made by a partner company, who outsourced the technical infrastructure for upgrades to Quistor, Quistor soon became the company’s primary supplier, marking the beginning of a long partnership with Miller Homes, as they delivered on-going managed services and project support.

“Miller Homes is a leading UK homebuilder with a reputation for building high quality homes and providing outstanding levels of customer service. Over the years, Quistor has been able to establish a strong partnership with Miller Homes.” The client.


Dependent on an outdated and out of support release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, the lack of functionality was inhibiting business ambitions. To increase efficiency, the client knew something had to change. Miller Homes wanted to make use of mobile technology to boost efficiency across the business. This was not achievable on the outdated version of JD Edwards in use.


After considering several suppliers, Miller Homes decided to work with Quistor because they ticked every box:

  • High quality services
  • Exceptional technical capabilities
  • Certified support staff
  • Competitive pricing

With the support of Quistor’s team, Miller Homes upgraded to the latest release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (9.2) – preventing further disruption and enabling progression.


The installation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (9.2) has saved a tremendous amount of time and effort for Miller Homes. The increased levels of functionality have since underpinned a company-wide expansion. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ran the risk of being seen as a legacy application when major upgrades ceased at 9.2, however it firmly remains a strategic application for Miller Homes, comprehensively covering a range of business needs.

“Oracle has been great for JD Edwards. Over the last 4-5 years in particular Miller Homes noticed a real investment and added value to the platform.”

Future Projects

The partnership between Miller Homes and Quistor is set to continue well into the future. Miller Homes, with the
support of Quistor, is still aiming to further develop existing mobile integration. Specifically, they want field staff to be able to input data that automatically translates in the system – reducing pressure from the commercial team and saving a significant amount of time. Further to this, they are keen to migrate their system to the cloud, favouring Oracle’s OCI solution for this project.

“Miller Homes is keen to achieve its ‘3rd Tick’, with the support of Quistor, by further developing mobile integration and making the move to OCI in 2021”

COVID- Impact

Quistor’s ability to deliver ongoing managed services for Miller Homes was not impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Quistor stood strong and continued to deliver on time and exceed expectations

“Miller Homes found that the service provided by Quistor throughout their COVID1 9 response was seamless; no
excuses made, no delays, BAU!”

This is a clear example of the smooth working relationship built between Miller Homes and Quistor.  Interestingly, at the beginning of the partnership, there were some concerns about Quistor being based in Europe, with time zones and potential language barriers nourishing initial concerns as to whether this would impact service levels and responsiveness. These concerns were quickly put to bed, with the client finding communication “as good, if not better ” than their previous UK based supplier. As a traditional, UK grown company, it would have been much easier for Miller Homes to select a local supplier, however, they took the leap and selected Quistor based on the company’s reputation, and haven’t looked back since.

“Despite the daunting prospect of working with a supplier based outside of the UK, Miller Homes openly embraced working with Quistor and it wasn’ t long before they realised the benefits.”

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