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Password Reset Portal

Forgotten your JD Edwards password?

Unfortunately, this is a common problem with a time-consuming solution which nowadays belongs to the past, thanks to our Password Reset Portal. With this portal you do not need to approach a help desk anymore, you can tackle the problem yourself. Don’t lose any more valuable time by waiting.

An intelligent tool for solving a simple problem which increases the end-user’s productivity thus saves you both time and money.

Quistor’s Password Reset Portal;

  • Enables end-users to reset their own password by using a web portal.
  • A check will be done on the basis of a number of simple, predefined questions.
  • The user can access the tool via a web portal.
  • The time-consuming process surrounding password reset will be reduced or even eliminated from your IT department / helpdesk.
  • Your IT department is less burdened with these duties and can focus on resolving critical calls.
  • You will have total control over the password management process.

Key Features of the Password Reset Portal:

  • Self service
    End-users can reset their password themselves without having to log a call to the helpdesk.
  • 24/7 availability
    End-users can reset their password 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. This is in contrast to the availability of the IT helpdesk.
  • Own password policy
    The style of the password would be defined at set-up e.g. minimum (special) characters and/or numbers as set per client policies.
  • Login possible anywhere
    It’s possible to reset passwords from any workstation as the password reset tool is accessed via a URL on the intranet.
  • Question configuration (Optional)
    The memorable ‘secret questions’ and the number of attempts allowed would also be set-up.

Other Benefits for JD Edwards customers

  • Saves time and money
    Deploying our tool enhances the efficiency of the helpdesk and because end-users can modify their own passwords directly, they remain productive. It also reduces the number of calls to the helpdesk to near zero. A password reset portal has proven to reduce the number of helpdesk calls regarding reset password by as much as 90%.
  • Improved service level
    End-users can reset their passwords easily and at any time (24/7). Remote users don’t have to wait for the helpdesk to release the accounts. With this tool, the helpdesk service window for resetting passwords is simply increased from office hours to 24/7.
  • Higher security
    Optionally, we can deploy improved security for password resets: By posing the predefined and pre-answered questions to establish the identity of the end-user, the risk of fraudulent requests for password resetting is avoided. This is often a major improvement over the current situation where an end-user can call the helpdesk and a minimal methodology of checking is carried out. Is the caller who he says he is?
  • Fulfils compliance
    Because all the actions are recorded in an audit log, standard management reports can be generated particularly for organizations having to work with SOX, HIPAA, SEC and GLBA requirements.

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