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The public cloud is maturing. It is powering business transformations across the globe. By utilizing infrastructure as a service (IaaS), businesses are driving digital transformation, empowering developers, and increasing customer engagement through mobile apps and social interactions. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides customers with a cost-effective platform for achieving their desired business outcomes.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) combines the benefits of public cloud (on-demand, self-service, scalability, pay-for-use) with those benefits usually associated with on-premises environments (governance, predictability, control) into a single offering.OCI takes advantage of a high-scale, high-bandwidth network that connects cloud servers to high-performance local, block, and object storage to deliver a cloud platform that yields the highest performance for traditional and distributed applications, as well as highly available databases. In short, OCI is architected to support the applications that run your business today as well as those you will be creating tomorrow.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Cloud Network

A Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) is a customizable and private network in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Just like a traditional data center network, the VCN provides you with complete control over your network environment. This includes assigning your own private IP address space, creating subnets, route tables and configuring stateful firewalls. A single tenant can have multiple VCNs, thereby providing grouping and isolation of related resources. Oracle’s new 25Gb network infrastructure offers significantly more bandwidth and allows enterprises to cost effectively take full advantage of compute, storage, and database services.

Compute and Instances

Cloud compute instances powered by the latest Intel Xeon Processors, and secured by the most advanced network and data center architecture, yet available in minutes when you need them.

  • Up to 52 hyper-threaded cores per instance for ultimate performance
  • Regions available in US and Europe; 12 additional regions announced
  • Up to 51 TB of local NVMe SSDs, as well as advanced block, file, and object storage options
  • Architected for high-availability and enterprise-class governance
  • Bare metal instance shapes for compute- and data-intensive workloads
  • Industry-first non-oversubscribed network with dual 25 Gbps network interfaces per host

Cloud compute instances are available in two main groups: virtual machines (VMs) and bare metal machines. Both groups have a DenseIO option for high performance local NVMe SSD storage. Both groups are also available with NVIDIA Tesla GPU’s (Pascal or Volta) for HPC workloads. All instances run on the same virtual cloud networks, with up to 1 PB per instance, and accessible through the same console and API set.


Oracle FastConnect is a network connectivity alternative to using the public internet for connecting your network with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other Oracle Cloud services. FastConnect provides an easy, elastic, and economical way to create a dedicated and private connection with higher bandwidth options, and a more reliable and consistent networking experience when compared to internet-based connections.


Oracle offers Local NVMe SSD’s and Block Volumes for IO-intensive application types, File Storage for enterprise applications, Object Storage for internet accessible storage of unstructured data, and Archive Storage for long term reliable archival. Each is manageable through the console and by CLI.

Service Level Agreements

Customers need a reliable public cloud where vendors hold themselves accountable for how they deliver service. They need the confidence that their cloud provider stands behind their product. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide for that accountability.Oracle’s industry-first, end-to-end IaaS SLAs reassure customers that want to shift workloads to the cloud. Customers require not only continual availability, but also consistent performance and the ongoing ability to manage and modify the cloud infrastructure that runs their mission-critical applications and databases.

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