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Small and Medium Enterprises can take Advantage of Oracle Exadata Performance, just like the Big Ones

28 April 2022 – Since its launch in 2008, Oracle Exadata has gained broad, global customer acceptance across industries and enterprise size companies and demonstrated that it’s the best place to run Oracle Database. Exadata delivers significant customer benefits including simplified business processes, increased database performance, and reduced overall costs. Today, customers can choose from various options on how to deploy Exadata, including:

  • Exadata Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) – a public cloud service
  • Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer – as private cloud running autonomous and non-autonomous databases in their data centers
  • Exadata Database Machine for traditional on-premises deployments

But what if the smallest Exadata is more than you need?

Organizations can benefit from Exadata without deploying their own dedicated resources by using Oracle’s shared Autonomous Database service or by using Database as-a-Service (DBaaS) offerings provided by select Oracle partners. In this blog, we’re going to look at how three small-and medium-sized organizations have taken advantage of the performance, availability, and security benefits provided by Exadata X8M by using the Quistor EXA-Hotel DBaaS service.

Randstad Group Belgium, the combined entity of the employment agencies Randstad and Tempo-Team, needed to upgrade their main application (JD Edwards 9.2), and upgrade the hardware it was running on. The Randstad Group’s parent company was already moving towards AWS for many cloud services, so the subsidiary had to choose to either migrate to AWS or find a different, cost-effective alternative.

Quistor is Randstad’s managed services partner for JD Edwards, and the new Quistor EXA-Hotel service provided a scalable and fully equipped platform to support all their needs. With this unique offering, Randstad is able to run all their Oracle databases on a single service, lower their costs by using their existing licenses, simplify operations by working with a single supplier, and utilize a solution with a proven ability to meet stability, scalability, and compliance requirements.

Randstad’s JD Edwards upgrade and platform switch were completed in four months and provided the customer 50% more performance than before.

“We needed a partner able to provide us with a cloud service-based JD Edwards solution. In addition to the centralized technical and functional support, Quistor’s cloud solution moved us to the powerful Exadata platform, delivering us top JD Edwards performance” states Geert Pellmans, IT Service & Operations Manager Randstad.


Another customer who took advantage of Quistor’s EXA-Hotel DBaaS offering is Servicepunt71, a professional shared service organization for municipalities and government organizations in the Leiden, Netherlands region. Servicepunt71 helps their partner organizations provide the best possible services to citizens and businesses.

With the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, its management, and the difficulty in finding and retaining highly skilled IT experts, Servicepunt71 was looking for a more efficient way to meet the 24/7 expectations of their customers. After a public tender, Quistor was selected based on their quality of service and price, migrating over 170 Oracle Database instances to their EXA-Hotel DBaaS solution.

“Servicepunt71’s entire migration, consisting of a test phase and final migration took about five months to complete, said Michel Sluymers, Sales Director at Quistor. In addition, they benefited from the latest Oracle Exadata technology that delivers better performance, scalability, and high-end security that their previous on-premises systems.”

With the 24/7 managed service on Exadata X8M provided by Quistor, Servicepunt71  now has a performant, reliable, robust, and scalable infrastructure that delivers the highest level of services to Leiden’s citizens around the clock.

DPD located in The Netherlands is part of DPD Group, an international parcel delivery service that runs a large European hub that also services the UK. They saw a huge increase in volume due to COVID-19, and the Exadata X8M performance offered by the Quistor EXA-Hotel helped them meet increasing demands, batch jobs in JD Edwards performed much faster with the use of Exadata than before, and improved speed for month closing.

Michel, relates, “After DPD migrated from SQL Server to Oracle Database running on the EXA-Hotel, they noticed an enormous boost in performance.” Christian Habraken, DPD, IT Director adds, “In the summer of 2021 we successfully migrated to the Oracle Exadata platform. The increase in parcel volume that came with our rapid growth caused our ERP system, JD Edwards, to urgently need much more performance to process our transactions. With the Exadata platform we see a performance improvement of 4-5X compared to before and thus shortening our crucial invoicing process. After go-live we hardly had any disruptions. With the scalable Exadata platform we are future proof to support our continuous growth.”

Quistor’s move to provide Exadata-based DBaaS service started over six years ago when they saw a need to improve Oracle Database performance for mid-market organizations that could not afford their own Exadata. They purchased two Exadata Database X6 machines, deployed them at different locations to provide failover, and used virtualization to provide services to multiple customers. With this service, organizations can benefit from a high performance, scalable Oracle Database platform based on a smaller entry of 2 cores and flexible memory and storage assignments, to meet their specific needs.

To better serve their customers in Manufacturing, Logistics, Public Sector Industries, and other industries, Quistor migrated all their customers from the Exadata X6 platform to Exadata X8M which provides significant better performance, scale, and costs. Exadata X8M introduced persistent memory (PMem) and RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) which dramatically speeds access to shared data, which helps Quistor’s customers run OLTP and analytics faster than possible with on-premises hardware or on the previous Exadata X6 based solution.

The public cloud is maturing and empowering business modernization worldwide. Quistor partners with Oracle to help the customers decide which deployment option suits the business best, whether it’s Oracle’s OCI-based services, Exadata Cloud@Customer for deployment in the customer’s data center, or innovative solution such as their own Exadata-based DBaaS. Michel explains, “When considering a move to the cloud, Quistor recognizes that some customers find a full public cloud migration a step too far. With our Exadata in-house service, we offer a state-of-art DbaaS solution in a private cloud environment managed by our dedicated staff.”

Michel concludes, “Whatever the customer size, industry, or need for consulting, migration, or education Quistor can provide a fully managed cloud solution supported by our experienced staff.”

Written by:

Michel Slymers, Sales Director, Quistor

Nancy Swanson, Oracle Product Marketing

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