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Quistor at Big Data Expo: a F1 simulator and a high impact data visualisation

On the 14th and 15th of September, BIG DATA EXPO was held in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, a fair that brought together leading participants and exhibitors in BD (Big Data) and BI (Business Intelligence) and considered one of the most compelling events in the sector. Quistor could not miss an event like this, a chance to really highlight our experience in BD and BI projects.  

This event offered a wide range of data-related topics, including an extensive programme of conferences discussing the most innovative topics in BD and BI, with no less than 8 conference rooms, a keynote and more than 100 exhibitors. This offered visitors a chance to broaden their network, share experiences and expertise whilst creating valuable collaborations. And we were part of it! 

This fair was the opportunity for us at Quistor to showcase our experience in Data Analytics, having led multiple leading projects. Therefore, we prepared different data analytics dashboards based on 3 business scenarios:  


Thanks to the experience of Begoña Villamor (Quistor Business Analytics & Big Data Manager) and Mike Wessels (Quistor Cloud Consultant), anyone passing our booth got the chance to view high impact data visualisations through our Oracle Cloud specific simulation tool. Many attendees had great fun being able to view all the personalised data relating to elapsed time per distance, sector, corner, circuit length, racing line, number of corners, brake usage and top speed being shown and analysed. Car condition analysis, session analysis and comparisons with other drivers were also presented and explained by our experts in great detail. 

Furthermore, on day 2, we had the opportunity to present one of our most leading success stories, “Get more value out of your data with a good architecture. A real project using Oracle Cloud Data Lakehouse Platform”. 

In this session, Begoña Villamor exposed the challenges faced when solving the problems of the old analytics architectures of one of our clients: multiple data silos, low performance, and lack of governance. And how the creation of a data Lakehouse and the selection of the right tools for the project were key to success. 

She also explained how we used Oracle Autonomous Database service, a database whose maintenance, security and updating are managed by Oracle. It is scalable on-line and flexible from the smallest environments to large installations. 

Looking back, this event was not only enjoyable but has been a great success for us as we have been able to create awareness in the field of Big Data, Data Science, and Data Analytics. If for any reason you were not able to attend or are simply intrigued to find out more as to how we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at …. 

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