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Quistor announces the sponsorship of alpine ski racer Adriana Jelinkova

Bergen Op Zoom, 16th June 2023. Quistor is glad to announce the alliance with Adriana Jelinkova, Olympic ski racer. Jelinkova is a respected World Cup ski racer and belongs to the Top 30 female in the world.

Adriana meets with the values Quistor supports and encourages, as she shows personal commitment, persistency, hard work and excellence to achieve all the goals in her career. From a very young age, she started training and competing until becoming a professional, same growing as promoted within Quistor.

“When you love what you are doing, when you can do what you love, only then you can start living your dreams and think about achieving your goals. However, there is a lot you must do to reach the top and become one of the best. The passion, hard work, endurance, focus on detail and regularity, mental resilience, determination, dedication, these characteristics distinguish a top athlete, as well as a top company as Quistor, from others.

A lifelong dedication, with many hours of training and hard work on the finest details, is what is behind that one-minute-long ride in the race, that at the end will make the difference whether you belong to the top of the world. There is very limited time to show what you have got, which brings lot of pressure with it but makes it so exciting.

My life has always been characterized by the focus and dedication I put in towards my biggest passion- skiing. The smallest details make the difference. Quistor enables me to work towards my dream and achieve the goals I am striving for- to belong to the best of the world.  I am proud and honoured having this partner by my side, especially since my dad has been working for this company for many years.”

Adriana Jelinkova

Alpine ski racer

Alpine skiing is a very complex sport in which racers must learn to fall and get up continuously while thinking ahead for the best performance. Seeing a high-level athlete competing with the Quistor logo now will be not just an honour but a way of showing that people can achieve great things following that path.

Whether it’s in top sports or within Quistor as top notch IT consulting firm, talent is a valuable asset. Athletes must have physical strength to compete at a high level, while IT consultants must possess a deep understanding of technology and have the mental strength to solve complex problems and handle high-pressure situations, where motivation is also a key factor.

Athletes like Adriana are motivated by the desire to win, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential, while our Quistorians are driven by the desire to solve problems, create innovative solutions, and make a positive impact on our clients.

Similarly, within Quistor we offer our people a culture and atmosphere where development and motivation to do your best are key. That said, I am proud and pleased to announce that this sports season, Quistor is one of Adriana’s new top sponsors, helping in achieving her goals.”

Javier Prego

CEO Quistor

Quistor is proud to support talent and perseverance and will continue to do so in every field possible.

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