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Innover, et alors? Les bénéfices de l'innovation dans le quotidien de vos organisations

The benefits of innovation in the daily life of your organizations

On October 12th Quistor participated in the French Oracle User Group Event (AUFO), based around the central theme of innovation, and how to put it to good use within your organization. This Innovation Matinée was the first face-to-face cross-functional event organized by the club since the Users’ Day in March 2019. The venue was the marvelous Pavillon Gabriel, located in central Paris between place de la Concorde and the Champs-Elysees.

advantages of OCI for Oracle JD Edwards
The event featured two speakers, a round table conference, and additionally included an exhibition space where partners presented themselves.

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The first speaker was Jérome Colombain, Specialized technology journalist and Creator of the podcast Monde Numérique. He provided an overview of the major trends related to innovation, focusing on the IT industry. The broad synopsis he provided consisted of current possibilities and anticipated innovations, appealing not only to a public with less exposure to technology, but also to IT professionals by providing a very comprehensive and objective overview of both current and anticipated technologies.

This set the stage for Hajer Mabrouk, EMEA Innovation Strategy Director at ORACLE. Her theme was Innovation from conception to adoption and the Oracle strategy at European level and use cases. Echoing ideas discussed by M. Colombain, Mme Mabrouk provided a broad overview of technology and innovation, switching between describing the state of the art of technology at Oracle, and discussing use cases from Oracle Customers: where needs, technology, and great people meet.

The roundtable

The roundtable animated by the Club leadership allowed selected customers to provide their view on innovation, and more specifically the importance for their business and organization. We thoroughly enjoyed the testimonials from Yamna Amraoui, Digital Office, CX Program Manager, Marouan El Mekawy, Responsable Digital & Data , both from ALD AUTOMOTIVE, José Munoz, CIO at CHRYSO, Stéphane Jourdain, CIO at Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits, Jacques Orsini, CIo of support at SNCF. The panel also included Karine Picard, Managing Director at Oracle France. For this  style of event, these typical customer interventions are generally the most anticipated and welcomed Customers like to hear from other customers about how they solve the challenges that they have in common. For partners like us, it provides a direct insight into the business requirements of our customers.

Our takeaways of the presentations are perhaps not revolutionary, but they serve as a reminder about what is needed to put technology to work in a business.

  • A technology and innovation project needs to involve the business, as a driver or a sponsor
  • People are key for success: in initiating, designing, delivering and operating technology solutions

What is our take on innovation in this context?

Innovation enabled by IT technology is only achievable if you have a firm  foundation to build upon. With more than fifty OCI customers, and a growing number of JDEdwards Lift & Shift projects and customers, we offer French customers a safe pair of hands to operate or to move to Oracle Technology and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our 24/7 support contracts allows a business to free its key people for projects without compromising availability, performance and adaptability of their day-to-day operations

To conclude …

We were thrilled to reconnect with the French JDEdwards community and its customers. A special thanks to the event team that delivered a flawless execution, making sure all participants could attend safely. Next appointment for French JD Edwards customers: JDEdwards day on 16th of November