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Delivering JDExcelerator Across EMEA With ACBM Partners

Do your existing workflows consist of repetitive tasks? JDExcelerator could be streamlining your workflows and accelerating the pace at which these repetitive tasks are completed. From updating master data and automating core business processes to executing queries and automating regression testing, this is a powerful tool with many possible use cases. 

What is JDExcelerator? 

By leveraging the power of the Orchestrator platform, JDExcelerator has the potential to save your organisation hundreds of hours previously spent on low-level data processing. With no additional servers or infrastructure required, JDExcelerator is an affordable solution for many organisations. The software can also be installed in seconds without any IT resources. 

Why has Quistor joined forces with ACBM Partners? 

We have joined forces with ACBM Partners to deliver JDExcelerator across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With ACBM, we are excited to have become the exclusive distributor of the JDExcelerator tool across the EMEA. As you will know, Quistor is passionate about helping organisations to unlock value from the JDExcelerator software and save hours of time. 

What are the benefits of JDExcelerator? 

When you look at the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Ecosystem as a whole, JDExcelerator addresses a clear need. JDExcelerator provides organisations with the ability to automate countless business use cases by calling any orchestration from within Microsoft Excel. The software is lightweight and couldn’t be easier to set up. Here are just a few more benefits: 

ACBM Solutions founder Larry Furino recently discussed the measurable benefits of using this tool: “We see clients saving hundreds and even thousands of hours per year once they start using JDExcelerator. We’re very excited to have two well-known companies evangelizing for this tool and for Orchestrator.” 

Why did we choose a pre-built solution? 

After beginning to develop a similar tool ourselves, we immediately saw the tremendous value of JDExcelerator. As JDExcelerator was already a complete product with an established customer base, establishing a partnership with ACBM Solutions seemed like a logical step forward. 

In the words of Quistor partner Jack van den Brink, “The logical next step was to establish a partnership with ABCM Solutions as the exclusive EMEA partner for the JDExcelerator solution, allowing us to sell and implement the solution, whilst also taking care of the EMEA support – providing our European customers with support resources in their own time zones!” 

If you are interested in learning more about our JD Edwards management services and how JDExcelerator can fit into this, please take a browse through our website. 

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