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Qloud for JD Edwards


Modern Cloud delivers choice

The cloud push is enormous. Whether it is Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon; all are pushing their public clouds as Application or Infrastructure or Platform solutions.

For customers relying on multiple architecture stacks, it is getting complex to move to a single public cloud infrastructure. Oracle JD Edwards customers traditionally had choices where to run Oracle JD Edwards on. IBM DB2, Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL server were the database options and for the application server, there still is a choice between IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic.

Furthermore, we see customers having more applications and systems than just their ERP domain. Based on these requirements, Quistor started its partnership with Open Line a couple of years back.

Open Line is a strong Cloud partner with a dual datacentre solution in the Netherlands. Since 2002 Open Line supports and advises customers with the design, implementation and support of complex ICT projects. It is Open Line’s ambition to be among the top 3 mid-size Cloud services companies in the Netherlands. Open Line’s fastest growing line of business is Cloud Services.

Also, Open Line’s Smart Cloud Services proposition encompasses a complete set of services that help customers to realize their business goals. The Smart Cloud Services are based on a shared services platform in which each individual customer has its own isolated and secured private cloud. The shared services platform is redundant and spread across two Tier III datacenters at 25 km distance from each other. Besides Quistor, Open Line works with strategic partners as Microsoft, Red Hat, DellEMC and Cisco.

Our partnership started for one customer where we operated as one integrated partner. Quistor is handling all the Oracle JD Edwards support and the entire support of the Oracle technology stack, such as Oracle databases, Oracle WebLogic, our ExaHotel Database as a Service and the delivery of the Oracle VM virtualisation layer.

In this way, we are fully complimentary giving our customers the choice which cloud technology to use. Without naming customer names, just some examples:

Customer A runs a few global Oracle JD Edwards environments and a complete series of other applications and databases. Oracle application servers, middleware run on a complete Oracle stack (Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle WebLogic). The Oracle Databases run on the Exahotel (Exadata DBaaS) and Windows related machines run either on VMWare or Hyper-V.

Customer B runs Oracle JD Edwards with Microsoft SQL database and WebLogic application server. Some third party products they use need Windows machines. We designed a cloud solution for this customer where WebLogic will run on the Oracle VM stack and all Microsoft related machines run on the Hyper-V stack.

Customer C was already a customer of Open Line and looking for a way to consolidate a number of Oracle databases. By consolidating the databases on our Exahotel, we were able to save on licensing costs and made sure they were compliant with their Oracle licenses, because they were no longer running on a soft-partitioned virtualisation layer.


When a customer is considering a move to the Quistor/Open line Cloud, together with the customer we will see how we can optimise the design to deliver the most cost-efficient solution. We make sure we deliver a license-compliant solution taking the best from the various software architecture stacks.

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