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JD Edwards Orchestrator

Digital Transformation means transforming JD Edwards too. Digital Transformation needs to be enabled to the whole ecosystem from the executive dashboard to the smallest devices and everything in between. A big component in enabling JD Edwards for Digital Transformation is the Orchestrator. Quistor is specialized in AIS and Orchestrator and support customers in getting the most out of there JD Edwards golden database by using the AIS and Orchestrator solution.

Quistor is supporting customers with various Orchestrator and AIS projects.

  • Integration between P2P Cloud solution and JD Edwards based on Orchestrator and AIS
  • Integration between and JD Edwards based on Orchestrator and AIS
  • Integration with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud and JD Edwards
  • Mobile applications to JD Edwards
  • The use of Orchestrator to automate specific JD Edwards processes

If you need more information on AIS or Orchestrator don’t hesitate to contact us.

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