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JD Edwards on OCI

Running JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Quistor is supporting customers running in a private cloud for over a decade. Since recently we see also a strong adoption of public cloud solutions. Besides the Quistor private cloud solution: QLOUD for JDE, we are also offering JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

To begin with, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) combines the benefits of public cloud (on-demand, self-service, scalability, pay-for-use) with those benefits usually associated with on-premises environments (governance, predictability, control) into a single offering.

Also, OCI takes advantage of a high-scale, high-bandwidth network that connects cloud servers to high-performance local, block, and object storage to deliver a cloud platform that yields the highest performance for traditional and distributed applications, as well as highly available databases. In short, OCI is architected to support the applications that run your business today as well as those you will be creating tomorrow.

Specifically, for Oracle JD Edwards the OCI supports the various options you have with running Oracle JD Edwards on-premise or in a private cloud. OCI can’t run only Oracle workloads but also can load other workloads like Windows or SQL server if you’re running JD Edwards with Microsoft SQL server.

Running Oracle JD Edwards on OCI gives your organization a number of benefits;

  • Increase Business Agility by combining your JD Edwards could platform with other applications or platforms such as CPQ, CEC and Mobile Cloud Services.
  • Accelerate Deployment because you can easily deploy new environments for projects, testing etc.
  • Maximize Your Resources, standard managed services are no longer an internal burden. Your people can now focus on innovation and develop themselves where the recurring maintenance is part of the infrastructure offering.
  • Maximize Value by keeping your existing JD Edwards licenses and only pay for the compute power you use compared to an upfront investment paying for compute power you plan to use in several years.

When running JD Edwards on OCI you have done the move and create the platform to Extend and Complement your strategic ERP investment.

Want to know more? Looking for cloud advise for your specific situation? Contact us for a JD Edwards Cloud assessment today.


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