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How to reduce your Audit costs with Quistor Security Cloud?

As a global company we recently launched Quistor Security Cloud as a Service as part of our Managed Services for JD Edwards customers. This service is based on the fact that more and more of our clients are requesting frequent system audits to satisfy auditors and to ensure security controls and that Segregations of Duties (SoD) are in good shape. Quistor Security Cloud is based on a Q-software solutions, an Oracle validated integration partner.

To do those audits you need to be able to identify weaknesses and prioritize areas of improvement. Without specialized tools, conducting security and SoD audits are very complex and cumbersome tasks. With our Cloud-based automated Audit you can conduct a security audit of your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system whenever you need it, without assistance from your technical team.

What are the benefits?

  • No in-house effort or technical skills required
  • Delivered within 24 hours
  • Accurate, comprehensive information
  • Delivered online, as and when you need it
  • Compare results and highlight trends with historical reports
  • Drill down to investigate issues with interactive enquiries
  • Save time and money, f.e. external audit costs
  • Clarify effectiveness of Security Changes

Before the auditors arrive we will identify weaknesses and prepare a recommendation how to fix these weaknesses or violations. We will also scan the effect of the improvements by comparing previous audits. The audit report will identify breaches that need attention and provide evidence of compliance. Finally we will make an improvement plan in mutual alignment to ensure these breaches are mitigated or fixed. Finally we can plan a quarterly audit with you to continuously improve your security and optimize your SoD procedures in JD Edwards.

How does it work?

Following commercial agreement, you request an audit via the Quistor Cloud portal. Next you download the Quistor Agent, which gathers the information needed, such as the live Security table, User and Role information. The information will then be pushed to the Quistor Cloud. The data is analyzed and the audit report is produced. An email is sent to notify you that the audit results are ready, including links to access and download the consultancy report via the Quistor Cloud. An interactive view of the audit results is available online.

We then set up a review call or a face to face meeting where a Quistor consultant talks you through the findings. We discuss priorities and make recommendations for improvements, which will be documented as your Security Improvement Plan. If you have carried out Quistor Security Cloud audits before, we can also view previous audit reports and graphs comparing the results of your audits, highlighting trends and areas of improvement or degradation.

Last but not least, our service uses a cloud-based architecture consisting of 2 modules hosted at our full secured and ISO certified data center in The Netherlands. Our solution is available to any JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customer, whether or not you use Q-software. Subscription to our Security Cloud are available as part of your current Managed Services contract or we can offer it as a standalone service.


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