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Flexible Payment Tool

JD Edwards Flexible Payment Tool

Quistor’s Flexible Payment Tool is a tool that allows you to make electronic payments through the definition of various formats of output files to be sent to banks. You can easily indicate which fields are to be included in the file, how they should be populated and how they should be formatted.

The solution is based on client reserved code Q88 and is an Oracle Validated Integration, which means that Oracle has confirmed that Quistor’s Flexible Payment Tool is designed in a reliable and standardized way, and operates and performs as documented.

With Quistor’s Flexible Payment Tools, it is possible to specify how fields are organized in the output file. They can have a fixed position, they can be separated by field separators or they can be produced in a properly formatted XML document. Field separators and text qualifiers are fully configurable for each field.

The payment formats are uploaded and maintained via an interactive application that controls the layout of the payment file. New formats for other banks or countries can easily be created by copying an existing format and making the necessary adjustments. Defined formats can be transferred easily between JD Edwards environments and even instances.

The Flexible Payment Tool retrieves the bank account information from the standard bank account file (F0030). Any information stored in localization bank account files, such as F74030/F74030G/F74030H, is ignored.

The payment file generation is fully integrated into standard JD Edwards Accounts Payable Automatic Payment Processing.

Customers working internationally with multiple bank institutions particularly enjoy the benefits of the Flexible Payment Tool.

Output encoding is fully configurable (UTF-8, UTF-16, CP1252, CP1250, etc.) and the format is defined through an interactive configuration of the application without any need of programming. Encoding can be setup for any User/Role/Environment/Program ID/Version combination.

Key Features

  • No ESU installations, Tools Release upgrade or web browser updates.
  • No changes required in the user environment.
  • Full remittance and payee control.
  • Simple configuration and enhanced formatting.
  • Additional bank formats can be set up without any need of programming.
  • Enables quick deployments.
  • Performs fast banking integration.



Installation is easy via an import of objects using standard JD Edwards tools. Estimated installation time is one day maximum.


The Flexible Payment Tool supports all JDE versions from Xe to 9.2.



The Flexible Payment Tools is comprised of a suite of interactive and batch applications, business functions, data structures, tables, data dictionary items and UDC tables, which through product packaging is delivered as a Boomerang Package.


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