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Database Support

Database Support Services


Many companies run into problems with slow databases. Are you looking for database support services for your business? Quistor can help you.

Quistor offers database audits on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases to find out underlying problems and suggests possible solutions.

Database audits

Quistor has a standard way of performing a database audit. A database audit will be done on:

  • The hardware the database is running on
  • The database software that is used, version updates, etc.
  • The database configuration and setup
  • The backup and restoration of the database
  • Failover possibilities / replication of the database
  • The security setup within the database
  • The performance of the database
  • Current database alerts, jobs and monitoring
  • Specific issues on your database

Possible improvements

After a database audit is done by Quistor you know how to improve your database. Quistor can help you with every step of the way.

Examples of improvements can be:

  • Database upgrade
  • Make your database more secure
  • Let your database perform better
  • Have a better disaster recovery scenario for your database
  • Need to implement a replication scenario to offload your production database
  • Move your database to the Cloud / Autonomous or Exadata database
  • Monitor your database better

Microsoft SQL Servers

For Microsoft SQL Servers we also offer:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services to create reports
  • SQL Server Integration Services to program and integrate with other data sources
  • SQL Server Analysis Services for BI warehousing solutions

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