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Use this calculator to compare the cost of running your workloads on-premises compared to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and receive your price quote. The output price is a preliminary estimation and may vary depending on further requirements and demands. 

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What is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute?

Oracle Could Infrastructure Compute is a web service that provides bare metal and virtual machine (VM) compute capacity that delivers performance, flexibility, and control without compromise. It’s powered by Oracle’s next generation internet-scale infrastructure service and is designed to help modern enterprises do more while paying less when developing and running their most demanding applications and workloads in the cloud.

What can I do with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute?

Compute enables you to provision compute capacity in minutes through an easy-to-use web console. The bare metal compute instance, once provisioned, provides you access to the host. This gives you the flexibility, control, and performance without compromise needed for your most demanding applications and workloads, all while paying only for what you use.

What are regions, availability domains, and fault domains?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hosted in regions, each of which contain at least three availability domains. A region is simply a geographic area, such as “Germany” or “US West.” An availability domain is an isolated, fault-tolerant set of resources consisting of at least one data center. Availability domains don’t share infrastructure such as a building, power, or cooling. A failure in one availability domain is unlikely to impact the availability of other availability domains.

A fault domain is a grouping of hardware and infrastructure within an availability domain. Fault domains let you distribute your instances so they’re not on the same physical hardware within a single availability domain, thereby introducing another layer of fault tolerance. Each availability domain contains three fault domains. A hardware failure or maintenance on Compute hardware that affects one fault domain doesn’t affect instances in other fault domains.

What are Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s compute offerings?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute offers the choice, flexibility, control, and performance that your applications and workloads need. You can provision compute instances in minutes through an easy-to-use web console or through an API. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides bare metal, virtual machine (VM), and GPU instances:

  • Bare metal instances: A bare metal compute instance is a physical server that is fully dedicated to you. It helps address compliance requirements and saves money by leveraging server licenses that you already own, subject to your existing licensing terms. It provides uncompromising raw performance and includes instances with the latest generation NVMe SSDs. These instances offer over a million IOPS and are ideal for running any I/O-intensive application or big data workload. Bare metal compute instances run only the software that you choose, providing you with complete control. There is no Oracle applied software on your instance.
  • VM instances: A VM compute instance is an isolated OS environment on a multitenant host. You can provision VM and bare metal instances in your virtual cloud network (VCN) side-by-side and manage them using the same console and API. VM compute instances offer a variety of shapes that let you tailor your deployment to a broad range of application and workload needs. This includes Dense I/O VMs that provide a high-performance instance type with large local non-volatile memory express (NVMe) SSD storage.
  • GPU instances: GPU compute instances are available as either VMs or bare metal instances and can be deployed in your VCN side-by-side with others, and managed with the same console and API. They contain NVIDIA GPUs and are suitable for a GPU enabled and CUDA workloads. GPU compute instances offer a variety of shapes that let you tailor your deployment to your workload needs.
  • HPC instances: HPC compute instances are available as bare metal instances and can be deployed in your VCN side-by-side with others, and managed with the same console and API. They contain high clock rate CPUs and are suitable for a variety of high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.