In an effort to improve the JD Edwards user experience, Oracle released several out-of-the-box UX One roles that are based on various business roles such as a maintenance manager, a strategic buyer, a warehouse manager… (just to name a few) which delivers a new user interaction pattern: Alert, Analyse, Act.

This new tool alerts users to what needs attention, provides real-time, visualized data for analyzation, and gives users the ability to quickly act on their analysis by providing a direct path to the application. The more than 50 available UX One roles will help users spend less time searching through rows of data and more time analyzing information and managing exceptions.

UX One roles for JD Edwards

UX One role-based application content uses Landing Pages, Watchlists, Analytics, CafeOne Layouts, List View grid formats, Springboards, Form Personalization, and modern UI controls that visualize data in 2 intuitive graphical formats such as maps, Gantt charts, and hierarchies to create a rich and intuitive user experience.

In addition to the available UX One roles, JD Edwards also released features such as:

  • Personal Forms, used to optimize JD Edwards applications and display information based on roles, industry, and individual preferences without requiring developer experience
  • The Media Object Viewer, a new interface that simplifies the process of working with Media Objects
  • Springboards, which allow users to launch and switch between applications while maintaining their state and without navigating through the menu tree
  • EnterpriseOne Search, a keyword-driven “search as you type” feature over JD Edwards EnterpriseOne transactional and master data. It is preconfigured for Address Book, Item Master, and Tasks but fully extensible and customizable by the citizen developer community to other search areas
  • External Forms for communication between applications and UX One components such as JET Apps in Pages or CafeOne
  • Application Interface Services enhancements for as-if currency, aggregation grouping by date, Watchlists as a service, and Query improvement

All of these new capabilities aim to create a more intuitive user experience for Oracle JD Edwards users.

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