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CEVA QSoftware implementation

The implementation of Q Software was executed by Quistor swiftly and perfectly
Customer Story by Jacco Daemen – Finance Transformation Manager at CEVA Logistics

Q Software is completely integrated with JD Edwards and has helped us significantly to improve the way we manage Segregation of Duties and reduce audit costs.

CEVA’s entrepreneurial spirit can be traced right back to 1946, when Ken Thomas founded Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT) in Australia with a single truck. Over the next five decades, TNT developed an enviable global reputation, particularly in contract logistics. On the opposite side of the world, EGL was born in Houston, Texas, USA in 1984. Within just a decade and a half, it had become a global force in freight management. By 1996, TNT had been acquired by the Dutch postal and telecommunications company KPN and two years later it was split into three divisions – Logistics, Express, and Post.

In the autumn of 2006, TNT Logistics was sold to affiliates of New York, USA- headquartered venture capitalists Apollo Management LP, who renamed the company CEVA Logistics. Six months later, EGL left the NASDAQ where it had been traded, and was also bought by Apollo and merged into CEVA.

Today, CEVA is a full-service transportation and logistics company with freight management and contract logistics operations spanning 1,000 locations across 160 countries. Over 44,000 dedicated employees, working in 17 regional clusters around the globe, deliver operational excellence – to provide viable answers to the most challenging supply chain questions. Many of the world’s best-known brands count on CEVA to serve their markets.

Jacco Daemen joined CEVA in October 2007 as Finance Transformation Manager. “JD Edwards is a great and complete product, however we searched for a solution, as JD Edwards doesn’t include a standard functionality to manage Segregation of Duties. An Audit Module which can be used for reporting to internal and external auditors is missing from JD Edwards” – states Jacco Daemen.

CEVA decided on Q software in 2013, because of the Audit Module in combination with a reporting tool for Segregation of Duties related reports. The tool is completely integrated with JD Edwards and it fulfills our requirements which we defined for our security”

With Q Software, Security and Segregation of Duties are now captured in a single tool with more power than JD Edwards. For an international company this power is essential.

Before the rollout of JD Edwards 9.1, if somebody needed a role, we just created one. This got out of control. The challenge we faced and managed was to go from 300 roles in JDE XE to around 30 in JDE E1 9.1. By using the Q Software toolset, it actually wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be, testifies Jacco Daemen “We defined a set of roles and the organisation has to respect these roles.”

Thanks to Q Software, we also have better control of “Mitigation actions” which subsequently can easily be captured in the application (previously entities did this in either Word, Excel, by email or not at all). Depending on the system role, a user can record mitigations him/herself. Besides that, we save time for our external auditors because we can report on the Segregation of Duties rules defined by the external auditors.

The implementation of Q Software was executed by Quistor swiftly and perfectly. We are satisfied with the setup in Q Software which is completely in line with our requirements.

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