Innovation at Work

Quistor Digital will focus on innovations and new technology related to Oracle JD Edwards ERP. We are a specialised entity within Quistor working on pioneering technologies and exploring their intersection with real world business problems.

Quistor Digital will drive innovations in the ERP domain by exploring opportunities for use cases of new technologies in the JD Edwards ERP landscape.

Jack van der Brink

Jack van der Brink




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Our Innovation areas:

Internet of Things
Quistor is partner of the IOT Academy, an organisation driving IOT awareness and solution creating. New IOT technology will bring together industrial and standard IT concepts. This will result in a whole new era of solutions, suppliers etc. Quistor Digital is embarking on this journey to support existing JD Edwards users in their IOT experiments.

Currently we are creating laboratory solutions integrating all type of sensors with JD Edwards. We work closely with the Oracle JD Edwards team in Denver plus Oracle technologies such as Oracle AIS, Oracle IOT cloud and Oracle JD Edwards IOT orchestrator. Next to various Oracle IOT technologies, we are working with solutions from Rinami, Samsung, Mendix and a whole range of start-ups in the IOT domain.

In 2016 we delivered our IOT Cloud platform to connect devices to Oracle JD Edwards and orchestrate sensor data and actions into Oracle JD Edwards

In 2017 we will deliver additional IOT workshops and showcase IOT solutions at various events

Mobile Solutons
We all know Oracle JD Edwards delivers a number of mobile solutions out of the box. Most of these solutions are tightly linked to the standard Oracle JD Edwards offering.

Quistor Digital is familiar with a number of JD Edwards related mobile solution providers in order to ensure you get the right mobile process solutions your company needs. We do not only work with Quistor partners Oracle and DSI, we also work with additional partnerahips such as Rinami, Samsung and Mendix.

You may wonder, what is innovative about mobile? Isn’t mobile as such more and more turning into a commodity? And even then, it is still barely used in the JD Edwards ERP domain.

At Quistor Digital we will therefore focus on creating true value adding solutions combining mobile solutions with IOT and Wearable technologies. We focus on introducing new technologies which enable JD Edwards customers to quickly and seamlessly adopt their business processes in a continuously changing environment.

Besides the mobile application itself we will look into development of new tools, platforms and mobile device management solutions with focus on swift enablement of mobile solutions in the JD Edwards domain.

Currently wearable technology is rarely used in the ERP domain. We see some wearable solutions used in the data collection area but overall this is very limited.

Based on our relationships with wearable vendors we will start creating solutions with watches, glasses, helmets etc. The famous Samsung AA Corp corporate video is a great example on how a watch adds tremendous value.

We will closely work with partners and potential customers to create comparable value adding wearable solutions.

Big Data
All those sensors, mobile devices, wearables will generate large amounts of additional data. Especially the IOT devices – sensors – will create a continuous incoming flow of data.

Big Data will become important for the JD Edwards ERP domain too. Example: the big data tool analyses from sensor data patterns that an equipment issue may arise shortly. As a consequence, it will generate a preventive maintenance work order in JDE in order to avoid a costly breakdown.

Within Quistor Digital we will further investigate in creating solutions and performing proof of concepts for similar situations. We will work in close cooperation with our long established BI department to investigate how we can turn this Big Data into valuable solutions integrated with your JD Edwards ERP system.