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What to consider?

It is critical for enterprises who are at the start of their journey towards the Cloud to look at cloud strategies from a holistic viewpoint when considering data migration.

Foundational cloud platforms must be integrated into a single architecture and consist of:

  • A strong and secure public cloud that delivers maximum flexibility and compelling economies of scale.
  • Private cloud(s) for sensitive data that . must be kept on-premise for security, geography or regulatory reasons.
  • Hybrid capabilities that connect and unify all clouds, data, services, and applications.

Enterprises considering a move to either private, public or hybrid cloud need to address several key questions:

  • Do i need acquire new licenses?

  • Which technologies are used?

  • How many partners do in need to make happy?

  • Where will my data kept?

  • What service level can i except?

  • What service window does my business need?

  • Which environment do i migrate first?

  • Can i choose the technologies i need?

  • Can i create disaster recovery environment in the Cloud?

  • What performance can i expect, is it scalable?

  • Can i bring my own license?

  • What about license compliance with virtual technology and Oracle?

  • How to comply with European Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Why to the Oracle Cloud?

As we know the world is changing rapidly and businesses are under pressure to perform, to grow and maximize the return on investment to sustain and survive the ever-increasing competition.

IT departments in today’s businesses are no different and are looking at Cloud for be-coming more efficient and cost-effective.

Cloud computing offers several advantages and is encouraging companies for a move to the cloud in order to get:


Cloud computing allows companies to scale up or scale down the services implemented with great ease and flexibility eliminating the need to plan and acquire own infrastructure to cope with the sudden influx of demand.

Cost Savings

Cutting down on the cost assumes significant importance for any enterprise and cloud
service providers offer computing power at low cost given the fact that service providers benefit from huge economies of scale.

Another aspect is that cloud services are offered in a pay-as-you-use model that requires the companies to pay only for the services used thereby facilitating cost-savings.


The amount of time required to commission, install and configure services generally takes weeks in the traditional method while using a cloud service provider enables the enterprises to set up and run the services in a matter of hours.

Easier Patches and Upgrades

Maintenance on IT environments requires a lot of effort and belongs to one of the most challenging tasks of the IT department and are very time-consuming.

With the implementation of Cloud services these time-consuming maintenance activities like patching and upgrades are now automatized and IT departments are now able to spend their time on more important issues.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is the most powerful, unified cloud solution available today. Oracle is the only vendor that provides a complete, integrated stack for the cloud and is therefore unique in the market compared to its competitors.
The public cloud is maturing. It is powering business transformations across the globe. By utilizing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) customers are now able to have more flexible, scalable and agile environments than ever before.
Oracle Cloud In-frastructure (OCI) provides customers with a cost-effective platform for achieving their desired business outcomes.

Whitepaper: Quistor Disaster Recovery paper

Competitive Differentiators about Oracle IaaS & PaaS:

  • Fastest and cheapest
    Fastest Compute, Storage, Network at same price means lowest costs
  • Reliability and High Availability
    Zero Data Loss, Enterprise-Grade Reliability, Transparent to Applications

  • Defense-in-Depth Security
    Complete Physical Isolation and Physical Defense In Depth
  • Rapid deployment options
    To Extend Your Infrastructure and demands

  • Unified PaaS on Single Architecture
    Common Platform rather than Collection of Parts

  • Fully Autonomous PaaS
    Lowest Cost for Complete Automation of Administration Tasks

  • Hybrid, Multi-Cloud PaaS
    Choice of deployment On-Premise and across Clouds
  • Flexible, Lowest Costs Pricing Model
    Lowest Cost to Run Any Workload;
    Lowest Cost to Run Oracle
    Pay as you Go or Monthly Flex (OCPU per hour)
  • Customers are able to run Non-Oracle workloads in the Oracle Cloud
  • Customers are able to install a big variety of DB versions
  • Low-latency storage options
  • License mobility from On Premise to the Cloud and use of Universal Credits

Cloud Security & Availability

Oracle understands that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information are vital to your business operations. That’s where Oracle Cloud service excels. You must have trust and confidence in your service provider, and Oracle takes this commitment seriously. Security is embedded in Oracle’s “DNA”- within the product, the development cycle, and Cloud Operations practices – to ensure your information remains your information.

Process phases towards Oracle Cloud

Many companies do have a Cloud strategy or an idea about moving to the Cloud. Quistor helps customers from their first thought about new Cloud steps to really run their work-loads/environments in the Oracle Cloud. By following the below process Quistor makes sure that customers are migrating successfully towards a solid Cloud infrastructure.

First Contact

Understanding the Business and Business requirements, IT Strategy and objectives.


IT Architecture Analysis of: Servers, Applications, Databases, Third-Parties, Type of Workloads, Compute, Storage etc.

Process & Planning

When, what and how do we migrate? Available resources Timeframe project.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Demo Proof of Concept.


Final check & preparations.


Migration of Environment to the Oracle Cloud.

Quistor and the Oracle Cloud

How can we help?

Team of Experts

During the years our team gained a lot of knowledge regarding Cloud. Quistor is able to help customers with their most complex IT matters and with over more than 80 technical experts for Oracle Cloud we are always there for our customers.

With a wide range of expertise and knowledge we help customers with:

  • Lift & Shift of Oracle and Non-Oracle Workloads
  • Production Environments in the Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Disaster Recovery Environments
  • Test / Development environments in the Cloud
  • High Availability Cloud Architectures
  • Oracle Compute and Storage Cloud
  • Back-ups in the Cloud
  • Fast migrations without any adjustment from on Premise to Oracle Cloud using a smooth deploy & install solution with almost zero downtime.

Quistor as the Oracle Managed Service Provider

Once everything is in place and ready, then set and go! This is where most partners stop, but where we continue as a Oracle Managed Service Provider. Our objective is to help our customer with running their IT environment so they can focus on their core business.

Integrated Managed Services

As you need to focus on your business we will focus on your systems end to end. There is no need to be in the middle anymore. Quistor delivers fully integrated managed services and is ISAE3402 certified.

You will have one point of contact and we will work as partners and are available 24/7. If there is a priority 1 issue our service desk is available at all times.

What are typical services you can expect from us?

Oracle Configuration Enhancements Support for configuration and extensions on IaaS, PaaS and SaaS functions

For example:

  • IaaS – Compute, Storage, Network connections.
  • PaaS – Database as a Service, BI Cloud Service, Database Back-Up, Java etc.
  • SaaS – Netsuite functions and feature.

Functional Application Support

Application support for NetSuite and JD Edwards

Support Governance

A named service delivery manager ensures agreed SLAs are maintained; Monitoring and measuring end-user experience and satisfaction, continuous service improvement and coordination with internal and/or external IT teams are included as standard.

Technical Support for

  • Database Cloud
  • Integration Cloud
  • Mobile Cloud
  • Java Cloud

Incident Management

Tracking of all incidents including logging and tracking of incidents (SRs) with Oracle

Testing Services for new (Oracle) Cloud Services

Oracle Upgrade Support

Consistent support for the latest updates and features related to new Oracle Cloud Services

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