Boost your Database performance

Innovation is at the core of progress in IT, and Oracle is a clear leader in this area.

Oracle innovates and enhances the capabilities of its software products and applications, and matches the need for increased computing power with innovative machines that enable new and outstanding possibilities.

The Exadata Database Machine is a “cloud in a box” composed of database servers, Oracle Exadata Storage Servers, an InfiniBand fabric for storage networking and all the other components required to host an Oracle Database. It delivers outstanding I/O and SQL processing performance for online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing (DW) and consolidation of mixed workloads. Extreme performance is delivered for all types of database applications by leveraging a massively parallel grid architecture using Real Application Clusters and Exadata storage. Database Machine and Exadata storage deliver breakthrough analytics and I/O performance, is simple to use and manage and delivers mission-critical availability and reliability.

The road to acquiring, using and mastering these state of the art machines is not an easy one. Some typical barriers include:

  • the budget is not within every company’s reach;
  • the upfront investment is huge;
  • the minimum size exceeds the actual requirements;
  • it requires specific expertise to set up;
  • it requires specific expertise and service levels operate.
Michel Sluymers

Michel Sluymers

VP Cloud Services


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Some of these issues can be addressed by turning to a cloud solution, but this creates specific questions:

  • Can I bring my own licenses?
  • How will the solution integrate with my business?
  • How many parties will be involved, who carries the responsibility?

With extensive support from Oracle and Openline (our data centre provider) we started to work on a model and offering to bring unaffordable Exadata compute power to the average Oracle Database customer.

Quistor can offer a shared Exadata platform to run your high-end Oracle Databases: The ExaHotel

With the introduction of the ExaHotel, we can offer a specialized Oracle Database platform scalable per 2 cores, memory and storage to suit your exact needs. With this offering, you can boost your Oracle applications, or any other high load Oracle Database to unbeatable performance for interactive and batch performance.

A room in the ExaHotel comes with full managed services to make sure you have a perfect stay.

One single contact

We offer an integrated service with a single point of contact, clearly identifying accountability for the service.

Licensing and compliance

Besides performance, our ExaHotel also solves potential license compliance when currently running database processor licenses on soft partitioned virtualization platforms such as VM Ware and HyperV. Our ExaHotel is set-up according to Oracle’s hard partitioning guidelines and therefore licenses can be linked to processor threads which solves one of the most recent seen compliance issues. You can bring your own Oracle Enterprise Edition Database licenses or we can supply the licenses needed either as a subscription, upgrade or new licenses in any model you wish. Regardless of which Database options are needed.


The ExaHotel is running in the Open Line data center as part of the Quistor Private Cloud offering where we can offer complete private cloud solutions based on Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, Oracle Databases but also Microsoft HyperV, Microsoft SQL, VMware etc.

Interested? Contact us for more information or plan a test drive with your database.