Your Oracle JD Edwards in the Quistor Cloud

Cloud offerings deliver significant benefits to enterprises running JDEdwards. It allows the business to completely focus on running their business, rather than the technical infrastructure to deliver it. Moreover, no upfront investments are needed, and the embedded flexibility allows you to up or downscale your hardware on request.

Enterprises considering a move to private cloud need to address several key questions:

  • Which technologies are used? Can I chose the technologies I need?
  • Do I need to acquire new licences?
  • What about licence compliance with virtual technology and Oracle?
  • Where will my data be kept?
  • What performance can I expect, is it scalable?
  • How many partners to I need to make it happen?
  • What service levels can I expect?
Michel Sluymers

Michel Sluymers

VP Cloud Services


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Quistor Cloud for JD Edwards
Quistor Cloud for JD Edwards provides an answer to all these questions, with key benefits including:

  • Choice of Technology
  • Licence Compliance
  • Security
  • Personal Touch
  • More Value for Money
  • Integrated Managed Services (Application and Infrastructure services)
  • A True Partnership
Cloud Technology
We have a cloud solution offering a wide range of technologies for companies using Oracle JD Edwards. With this solution, you have full flexibility in the technologies needed for your Oracle JD Edwards solution. Quistor can offer the following technologies in the cloud:

  • Oracle technology such as Oracle Exadata, Oracle Virtual Machine, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Databases and Oracle Linux
  • Microsoft technology such as MS-SQL server, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Domain integration.
  • Other technology such as WebSphere and the support of a number of technologies needed for third party software commonly used around JD Edwards (Invoice scanning, barcode scanning, integration etc.)
Putting your licenses to work
With the Quistor Cloud offering, you can keep using your own licenses for Oracle JD Edwards, Databases and other technology. All licenses stay your own.
Quistor Cloud offers Oracle VM as a hard partitioned virtual layer. This will reduce the need of having physically dedicated machines to comply with Oracle license agreements. We can deliver your Oracle DB, BI server or WebLogic server according to your current license agreements.
Security & Data Location
All your data will be highly secured in our datacentres in Maastricht & Landgraaf. We are not storing your data across a number of other datacentres. If needed you can visit our datacentre for validation.
Integrated managed services
As you need to focus on your business we will focus on your systems end to end. There is no need to be in the middle anymore. Quistor Private Cloud delivers fully integrated datacentre and managed services, both ISAE3402 certified. You will have Single Point of Contact for all your services around Oracle JD Edwards and 3rd party solutions.
The big advantage of the private cloud is to have the flexibility to up or downscale your hardware on request. For example: If you need more or less fat clients because projects are started or ended this will just be provisioned or shut down. Our cloud technology even gives you the ability for some machines to only pay them when you use them (metered services).

Our environments can scale up very well. For Extreme performance on Database level we can even deliver Exadata extreme power as part of the service. In our Oracle ExaHotel space can be delivered starting at 2 Cores already. This will deliver you high end enterprise hardware for SMB price level. You don’t need to buy a full Exadata but can rent a fully managed room in our ExaHotel delivering just the power you need for your Oracle Database. Oracle Exadata compute requires an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license which you can bring in (BYOL) or rent together with the service.

Service Level
You will have dedicated contacts to call and escalate to. We will work as partners and are available 24/7. If there is a priority 1 issue there is someone to call or escalate to at all times.

A personal touch is part of our services.