Standardization and optimization with JD Edwards and DSI (Supply Chain)

1960 Over 50 years ago, in a small shed, the foundation was laid for the vegetable processing company that Heemskerk is today. Nowadays, Heemskerk is one of the 10 largest vegetable processing companies in Europe. Heemskerk processes vegetables from Rijnsburg and has about 650 employees who process about 180 types of vegetables into 275 different end products. Day after day, these products leave the premises ultra-fresh. Every year, over 125 million fresh products are supplied to well-known supermarket chains and fast food restaurants, domestically and abroad.

Heemskerk Fresh & Easy uses JD Edwards in combination with DSI for more than a decade. Three and a half years ago, Peter van Duijvenbode started to work as Manager Projects & ICT and currently he fulfills te job as Operations Director.

When I started to work at Heemskerk, it was very clear that business processes had to be standardized and optimized to be prepared for the future, says Peter van Duijvenbode “ We set the goal to standardize business processes with JD Edwards and DSI to optimize business and product processes.“ To do this we had to update the software from JD Edwards and to reimplement the software DSIglobal. In 2014 we came in contact with Quistor. We contacted DSIglobal in the United Kingdom and they recommended Quistor as their European partner. We requested Quistor to support us with our DSI reimplementation project.

"We were in need of a Dutch DSI Partner, while searching for this we found Quistor, a JD Edwards specialist who also has the expertise and experience in DSI."

Peter van Duijvenbode - Operations Director, Heemskerk Fresh & Easy